Monday, December 14, 2015

Danger Mouse 2.0 E8: The Other Day the Earth Stood Still

You know, not to be confused with any other copyrighted days of Earth-stillage.

It's chaos, Chaos, CHAOS! Rogue traffic lights are popping up world-wide, causing all manner of mayhem! But before Danger Mouse can stop the stop lights, he first must save Penfold from Martians.

Note what appears to be a Giraffe Warriors hat.

DM, displaying style, panache, and a complete disregard for the oxygen-free non-atmosphere of space, clogs the Martian space craft's engine with a small asteroid. As the redneck rocket screeches to a halt, the extraterrestrials exit to check under the hood for the source of the not-go. DM makes short work of them, and Penfold is saved. But it was a mere training session we've just seen, which answers one question but raises a bunch more as Danger Mouse ends the "Red Planet Redneck" simulation.

Colonel K calls the boys, absolutely from his desk and NOT from anyplace resembling a fair where they're selling delicious cotton candy. After taking a moment to praise DM's "strike without looking or thinking" technique (which for some reason passes right through the hologram that we've previously seen behaving as though solid), he brings the mouse up to speed on the world-wide slow down. Every mode of transportation in the world has been halted by red traffic lights, save for a rusty looking old rocket that's struggling to abandon the atmosphere, and a single supermarket cart.

I want to know what Alien Chicken is. It's really starting to bother me.
 The Colonel knows that this is the work of the nefarious von Greenback, thanks to his SpamChops channel where the threat of bringing the globe to a standstill is currently racking up hits. AND thanks to exhaustive research and typing up a query into a search engine, they've located his hideout in the Eiffel Tower. So you know what that means! We're off to visit Squawks before hitting the road!

Professor Squawkencluck has outdone herself with upgrades to the Mark IV. Everything from inflatable replicas of itself to multiple laser cannons suitable for destroying those replicas. She's even thrown in the kitchen sink! When Penfold muses that the car can do everything but tap dance... well... she's thought of that, too. No idea why, or even how, but yes that's now in the Mark IV's list of abilities. Duly impressed, the boys leap aboard while ignoring the fact that they've cut her off.

Outside, however... oh. Right. Traffic lights have backed up the streets to a city-wide gridlock. DM reverses back down to the Professor's lab to complain that they need a way to bypass the rest of the road, and she is forced to remind him that the car DOES fly.

Meanwhile, Pandaminion is being chewed out by Silas von Greenback for failing his latest mission: retrieving the "Mega Boots", heavy footwear that is absolutely necessary for the next stage in the evil scheme. Instead, the oaf grabbed a jewel-encrusted piece of bamboo, which he's still snacking on. Deciding that this is a job for an experienced minion, Greenback sends Stiletto to retrieve the shoes while he deals with the threat of Danger Mouse.

Today a new high score, tomorrow the WORLD!

DM is valiantly still trying to rush to Paris, but is hampered by the multitude of red traffic lights that the Baron is remotely triggering to pop up in their path via a game-like interface. Penfold's suggestion of just going through is met with utter disdain, but DM does agree that the Baron is toying with them. It's almost as if he's trying to buy some time.

Penfold points out that we don't know what's gone with that old space rocket from earlier (Danger Mouse was ready to investigate that rogue shopping cart), and DM uses the iPatch to locate it in orbit as it deploys what appears to be an enormous red traffic light! Greenback wasn't being figurative when he threatened to bring the world to a halt, he's going to make it happen literally! They'll never manage to get into orbit in time, so they've got to find a way to distract the Baron long enough to make it to Paris. Luckily, Penfold's really hitting it out of the park today and suggests the decoy balloons.

We see you found the Google search result, DM. Knew you'd never notice the enormous NEON SIGNS.

Thoroughly distracted, the Baron doesn't see the real Mark IV disappear off of radar and approach the Eiffel Tower. He does, however, notice when DM crashes the car right into the monument, unbalancing the precariously positioned Frog's Head Flyer and sending them all tumbling. Stiletto arrives with the stolen shoes just in time for the Baron to activate the orbital traffic light, and within moments DM, Penfold, Colonel K and Professor Squawkencluck are floating in orbit alongside a delighted Pandaminion and a goodly portion of random stuff. DM manages to get another no-look attack in on the Colonel's hologram as the group is reunited. K is thoroughly impressed. The Baron, meanwhile, has now doubled his global random to "DOUBLE all the money in the world!"

Ignoring the Professor's attempt to suggest a course of action, DM surges into motion, piloting a satellite into the device and blowing it up! Unfortunately, DM has forgotten the second rule of Red Light, Green Light, which states that someone has to give the "GO" signal before things can start moving again. And since he's now destroyed the orbital light, there's no way to get the planet moving again. Good job breaking it, hero.
The Professor is incensed. The Colonel reminds her that DM is doing all this "on his own". Penfold is annoyed, but has yet another brilliant idea.

By using the antique television the Baron is using to gloat at them, the Colonel's hologram watch and the moon, they can MAKE a giant green light! Hope you're tenured, Squawks, young Ernest is going to be gunning for YOUR job soon. The Colonel's impressed, but can't recall Penfold's name to praise him properly.

The world is moving again, gravity is kicking in, and the boys need to act quickly to stop the Baron from continuing to abuse the traffic light system. Luckily, the Baron's so slowed down by his mega boots that in the time it takes him to move the three steps to the controller, DM and Penfold have glided back safely into the atmosphere, landed in the hideout, and snatched it up. To make the odious toad's defeat all the more crushing, Pandaminion lands on him. (Ouch!)

That's going to reflect poorly on your next performance review, Penfold.

Back home, DM concedes that Penfold's earned the right to be the rescuer in their next training session, advising him to "just think: What would Danger Mouse do?" Penfold puts this counsel into action by clobbering the Colonel, who's appeared to congratulate them on their mission. It's not the hologram, this time, though! The Colonel is enraged, and storms out, vowing that Penfold will be written up for this treasonous behavior. Penfold's just thrilled that his superior finally remembered his name, though. He asks if he could one day be "Danger Hamster", noting that his initials could be DH. As we fade out, DM notes that Danger Hedgehog will probably not think much of that.

Episode Rating: 4/5

The premise of this episode is a bit recycled (more on that in a moment), but it's always nice to see Penfold get a chance to shine. And shine he does in this episode! While he got to save the day a few times in the old series, he's shown to be much more capable in this new one. It does pile on a bit as the Colonel keeps forgetting Penfold's name (or that he even exists), but seeing him be the hero by being himself (and then having it promptly undone once he actually starts trying to emulate DM) is very enjoyable to see.

The rift of contention between Squawks and DM continuing to chafe is also a fun callback.

Danger Rating:

The Mark IV is the only Danger Thing this episode, at least that we've heard named so far.

DangerCar (Mark IV)
Callback Moment

The premise of stopping the world is nothing new, in fact it was done back in the old series episode Ice Station Camel, the Baron has created a device to halt the world's rotation around the poles. Penfold didn't manage to do anything in that one other than have a bit of dialogue with my favorite "guest agent" character from the old series, master of disguise Agent 57, though. (Still, any 57 is better than no 57!)

More foolery with traffic signs happened in Dangermouse Saves the World... Again. Greenback threatened to blow up all the important sign posts in the world, bringing shipping and industry to a halt, if he was not proclaimed Emperor of the world. Of course, that did turn out to be a dream... apparently a precognitive one?!


  1. I demand the Danger Hedgehog show! I'd watch it!