Thursday, December 17, 2015

Danger Mouse 2.0 E13: The Unusual Suspects

Who wants to see more DANGER agents? If you said "ME!", then you're in for a treat.

Danger Mouse is hard at work, tracking down just the right takeaway restaurant to grab some lunch. Professor Squawkencluck calls, reminding him that he's supposed to be picking up a sample of something incredibly dangerous called Formula X for transport back to HQ. No worries, Penfold has it covered. Has it covered in at least one roll of bubble wrap, that is. The boys get diverted popping some of the stuff, but Squawks quickly has them rolling out.

Check it out! The Mark IV has a matching trailer!

That is indeed a very random route.

They're underway when Colonel K calls, scratching and sneezing his way through forgetting who Penfold even is (again) and sending them a super-secret random route back to HQ to throw off any villains who may be lying in wait. The globe-trotting route doesn't work, though! Who should ambush them in the Sahara Desert but Baron Silas van Greenback! And he knows they have the Formula X! DM quickly disposes of the bubblewrap popping spiderbots the Baron deploys, and they leave the furious Greenback in the dust. Greenback seems to think he'll be seeing DM and co. again soon, though...

Agent Danger Mole is completely nonplussed by the suspicious looks being cast in his direction.

Squawks is relieved to attain the Formula X when the boys arrive back at HQ, but DM is concerned about how Greenback knew where to intercept him. Colonel K and an assortment of other Danger Agents appear, and the Colonel announces (sneezily) that the only thing that makes sense is that the Royal Secret Service has.. A MOLE!

Okay, Danger Moth is adorable. Look at her!

The Colonel puts HQ on lockdown, assigning Danger Mouse to find the snake in their grass and put a stop to the betrayal going on under their very noses. (Agent Danger Snake is not amused.) DM is reluctant to believe that any of them could be a traitor, and vows to prove it. He tells each agent (and Squawks) a different location for Formula X, and watches the security monitors. When the Colonel calls to check on his progress, he's happy to report that no one has made a move for any of the false locations. He's got the Formula X safely hidden away on his person. K is impressed with the scheme and asks for an update later.

DM and Penfold are feeling pretty good about this scheme, which couldn't possibly fail. They're so busy patting themselves on the back, however, that they miss the hole being cut in the lockdown shutters right behind them. Spiderbots come pouring in! DM is forced to deploy his "Danger Clips" to ensure that none of the nasty little crawlies scamper up his pants leg to steal the formula from his pocket.

DM makes quick work of the bots, and furiously confronts Colonel K, the only person who knew the location of the formula. (Well, other than Penfold.) After arguing the notion of arresting K, DM suddenly realizes that K's sneezing this episode has been rather... odd. Struck by a flash of insight, he reaches out and rips K's mustache clean off his face, horrifying his fellow agents!

It's none other than the Baron's nefarious little pet caterpillar, Nero! The sneaky little thing snatches the Formula X right off of DM and scurries off. No one finds K authoritative enough to follow his orders to pursue the little spy until he draws a hew mustache on, however. Danger Hedgehog and Danger Mackerel frighten a cornered Nero badly enough that his teeth crack the vial, and he licks up some of the formula. Bad news just got worse as they discover that Formula X grants super strength! Nero knocks down the agents and flees into the bowels of HQ. One by one, he takes down the agents until only Penfold remains.

DM appears, having secured himself some bubblewrap "armor". Nero attempts to escape in the Mark IV, but DM manages to use some of the wrap to snare the rogue vehicle and bring it back down to Earth. The Formula X is saved! The spy has been flushed out! But what of Colonel K's mustache?

Danger Mouse and Penfold help the Colonel track down his runaway mustache, which is alive, disturbingly enough. Why did it run away? We're not going to find out, because this is where our story ends. The Narrator assures us that there are no more bugs in the agency. Agent Danger Bug is not amused.

Episode Rating: 4/5

The standard "whodunnit" plot is fun in this episode, even if it is apparent very quickly who (or should I say what) the spy leaking information to the Baron is. The notion that Colonel K's mustache is some kind of living creature is rather creepy, in my mind.

It's great to see more of the "Danger Agents", though. Makes one wonder how come Danger Mouse is the one who gets to be called "DM" though, when there's also Danger Mole, Danger Mackerel, Danger Moth... Maybe K calls them all DM? 

Danger Rating:10

I think this is our most "Dangerous" episode to date. Here's a list of everything dangerous from today's episode.

Danger Car (Mark IV) with an honorable mention to the presumably named Danger Trailer
Danger Hedgehog
Danger Mackerel
Danger Mole
Danger Snake
Danger Moth
Danger Pelican
Danger Flat
Danger Clips
Danger Bug
Callback Moment

This episode plays a bit with a premise shown back in the 80's episode Nero Power, where Nero briefly attains powers (in this case telekinesis), and terrorizes DM and Penfold. It never pays to underestimate Nero as just a pet. He's at least as villainous and evil as his twisted master.


  1. Nero, the cutest little ball of evil on 16 legs. XD

  2. The 'mole'. The 'snake in the grass'. The 'bug'. Trust them to use animal word for traitor, and the animals that are agents to!