Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Danger Mouse 2.0 E11: The Return of Danger K

Speaking of the 80's, let's take a time warp and see how things were done back in the day!

We're never going to find out the Colonel's proper name, are we? 

Behold the ancient past! London in 1983... ish. A wave of shockingly un-British and frankly quite rude behavior is sweeping the nation!

Check out the band posters! Wait, Who are the Sniffs a parody of? The Tweets? (Selfie Guy!)
Tsk, just scandalous. The reason for this outpouring of incredibly un-British behavior isn't the influence of rock and roll music, or even those giant new-fangled cell phones. No, instead this is due to one individual and his nefarious doomsday weapon!

What, you were expecting maybe Silas van Greenback?
Birch Badboy and his mega-rude megaphone are dedicated to spreading this awful behavior (and presumably awful hairstyle choices), but thankfully for England, there is a super spy whose strength, cunning, and convenient gadgets make him more than a match for this villain. I'm talking, of course, about Danger K!

Just look at that dashing figure. Danger K apprehended the fiend using his Battle Blazer and Sonic Danger Hammers, and Badboy was incarcerated in the Arkwright Asylum for the Criminally Challenged. Meanwhile, Danger K's old gear has been stored in the Danger Museum, where all worthy Danger Things go to retire.

Penfold is recording this flashback for his blog, against Danger Mouse's better judgement. After all, it's a SECRET museum! But Penfold only has one follower, so what harm could it do?

Well, that one follower COULD be a nefarious villain, so there's that. And that villain COULD be one of the Colonel's (lame seeming) arch-nemeses. And that COULD get miffed and escape and... well, you get the idea.

K shows a few more items of memorabilia belonging to more of his vanquished foes, but before we can get too involved with trying to figure out what Ivana the Invisible's invisi-jet looks like or ponder the workings of the Snowman's rocket-powered carrot nose, the museum alarm goes off! Badboy has stolen his megaphone back, and is going to prove he's a force to be reckoned with by finishing up his old plan of spreading rudeness all over England.

DM and K are confident that they have him at first... but he jumps right into the invisi-jet and takes off. Seeing K's old personal copter, the boys pile in and give chase. It's a little over-crowded with all three of them in there, but K insists that his experience could be vital. This doesn't save them from being blown up by some of the invisi-jets invisi-missiles, however. Thankfully DM packed his Danger Chute.

DM is insistent that he and Penfold are more than adequate to take down the likes of Badboy, and dismisses the Colonel from the case. K looks a bit dejected at the reaction, but takes off with his personal Danger Copter, anyway. Badboy, meanwhile, is running amuck, even blasting the Queen with his Rudeness Ray. DM and Penfold track him, discovering that he's stolen an enormous broadcasting antenna, surely intending to blast the entire country - if not the world - at once with it! Deducing he's gone back to the prison to carry out this evil deed, they take off in pursuit.

At Arkwright Asylum, the duo arrive just as Badboy is finishing the setup on his antenna. Badboy blasts them, and the two secret agents are immediately snarling insults at each other. (DM telling Penfold "Go back to Hobbiton, shorty" is one of my favorite moments of the new series so far!)

With the heroes distracted making up insults for each other, Badboy is able to transmit his Rudeness Ray over the entire country! It's anarchy in the UK!

Colonel K calls, attempting to rally the boys into shutting this mess down, but they're not interested in taking orders from him (or anyone else) anymore! He vows that he's coming to save them, but they're hardly impressed. Could it be? Is THIS how the world ends? Not with a bang or a whimper, but with a resounding sarcastic raspberry?

K grabs his old Danger K gear and after a strained fitting session, he arrives at the asylum to confront Badboy. Fortunately for him, his old Battle Blazer has a rudeness deflection system, so he's immune to the rudeness ray. Unfortunately for him, Badboy isn't alone! It's an 80's bad guy reunion special!

Tutankamoo, the Snowman, and Ivana the Invisible are all here, too! And the last thing they want is a fair fight. K is blown back into the Mark IV atop Danger Mouse and Penfold by one of Ivana's invisi-rockets. The boys are annoyed, but shake off the effects of the rudeness ray at the Colonel's stirring speech. The secondary villains are quickly knocked down and K's Sonic Danger Hammer blast knocks Badboy's megaphone out of his grasp. As DM and Penfold go after it, K faces the villain himself.

As Penfold and Danger Mouse play keepaway with Tutankamoo and the rest, Colonel K finds himself momentarily outmatched by Badboy, who destroys the Sonic Danger Hammers. DM and Penfold finally manage to seize the megaphone, but see that K is down with no hope of getting to him in time OR of staying in that suit much longer. They encourage him to take a deep breath, and the Battle Blazer's buttons give way, destroying Badboy's own battle suit and weapons, and sending him careening into the broadcast antenna just before it can transmit the rudeness ray worldwide. Whew, talk about cutting things close!

Back at the museum, Danger Mouse acknowledges that K really saved their bacon on this one. The Colonel is pleased at the recognition, and vows that if they ever need his help again, he'll be ready to take his Sonic Danger Hammers back into action. Whoops, but maybe they should leave his suit switched off until then...  

Episode Rating: 4.5/5
As nice as it is to see Penfold save the day, it's a rare treat indeed to see K do so! The bit of backstory on him as an elite RSS agent is pretty fantastic, too. Probably the greatest thing is that a villain as ridiculous as Badboy came so close to winning, though!

Danger Rating:
A rather dangerous episode! Here's the run down on all known Danger Things in this one:

Danger Museum
Sonic Danger Hammers
Danger Chutes
Danger Copter
Danger Car (Mark IV)
Callback Moment

The opening of this episode, with its 1980's London skyline, is a pretty solid reference to the typical opening of episodes from the 1980's series. I half expected to hear Isambard giving the opening narration!


  1. Aw, if you'd just waited one day the Throwback Thursday jokes would have been out of control! :D

  2. Honestly I had forgotten that was a thing. XD