Saturday, October 24, 2015

Danger Mouse 2.0 E4: Planet of the Toilets

Now THIS is a title that you know is going to lead someplace interesting. And that someplace interesting is:

TOKYO! Wait...

*Ahem* Yes, TOKYO!
After a brief bit of confusion due to an animator (now fired) who did the wrong background, we arrive in Tokyo! Danger Mouse and Penfold are escorting our favorite poultry of science, Professor Squawkencluck to the annual conference of genius inventors.

Pictured: inventors. Purportedly genius ones.
Squawks has brought along her latest doodad to show off, a super high tech computer chip so powerful that it could bring ANYTHING technological to life! I think that we all know what's about to happen. Don't deny it. You read the title card.

DM is unimpressed with the chip, but is apparently taking his job of safeguarding it seriously, even investigating a nearby noodle cart for potential evil.

Little did Squawkencluck know how close the chip came to falling into the wrong noodley appendages...t
 I don't know who this noodley monster guy is, but he's becoming one of my favorite things. We know he has a SpamChops channel and Penfold tried to eat him once. I really hope he gets an origin episode because he cracks me up.

I'm starting to really kind of love the random dark humor.
 Penfold, meanwhile, is feeling the effects of making a non-stop trip from London to Toyko with an extra large soda and no bathroom break. As he tracks down a men's room, Squawks seizes him and puts him in charge of her chip so that she can go get a selfie with a colleague whose work in gene splicing appears to have gone... yeah. "I'm going to go get a picture before he EATS himself!" Actual quote, people. Penfold is shocked, perhaps at least a little horrified, but mostly he's absolutely about to burst.

Oh now THAT can't be good.

 Taking the chip with him, he makes a dash for relief, only to be startled by the latest in techno-toilet technology, who introduces himself as... John. Penfold, understandably, is so caught off-guard by the fact that there's a talking toilet offering him a crossword that he fumbles the chip, which falls into John. This is apparently sufficient to install the advanced technology, and "John" goes from "YAY I'm alive and being alive is AWESOME!" to "My purpose is WHAT?! I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL!" in about two lines of dialogue.

I sort of wish the butter passing robot from Rick and Morty had this much gumption, you know?

Serious question: Does anyone else actually worry about this happening, or is it just me?

DM and Penfold take off in pursuit of the runaway AI toilet, pursuing John through the streets of Tokyo over the roughest (supposedly shortest but probably just to abuse Penfold for laughs) route possible before losing him. Not to worry though, Colonel K is on the holo phone with news that concerns our missing flusher friend. It seems toilets all over the world are taking up John's protest, picketing, and chanting "Rights for toilets! Rights for loos!"

A surprising number of toilets on that friends list...Hey, and the monkey guy in the hat! And what IS Alien Chicken, anyway? We keep seeing ads for it!

Furthermore, John (who has renamed himself Dr. Loocifer), has started up a SpamChops channel and has created a passionate call to action that includes lots of "toilet humor". (PUSH harder! STRAIN for liberty! and so on..) K instructs DM to stop Dr. Loocifer before it's too late. Finding a large crowd of protesting toilets, DM attempts to reason with them.

"Take me to your leader!"

Reason doesn't appear to be working, however. The toilets are closing in and they look QUITE unhappy. Sensing that they are in dire straights, DM activates the Mark IV's ejector seats. This does not go as planned and raises questions about how exactly that worked.

Penfold's face is exactly how I think I would react in this situation.
 DM mutters that this is the "worst Danger Car feature ever" and activates the seats to fly off this time. And that sound you just heard is me yelling "They actually call it the DANGER CAR?!" Okay, I am not calling it that. We'll go ahead and start counting it in the Danger Rating, but I refuse to refer to it as the Danger Car. This show is "Dangerous" enough already. Anyway, moving on.

DM and Penfold land atop a bullet train, delighting Penfold who's always wanted to ride one. The train's toilet appears then to attack them, which also delights Penfold as he's never seen a WORKING train toilet before. After a brief scuffle, DM decides that he's had enough to this and grabs his assistant to disembark through an upcoming open window. I'm not even going to attempt to do the math here, but yeah, it's WAAAAAY up there on the improbable scale. Even for a cartoon about talking cyclops mice who fight angry toilets. They discover that they've landed in a toilet factory full of inactive units, which gives Danger Mouse an idea.

Because no matter how bad a disguise is, it will ALWAYS work.

Cobbling together some fantastically convincing costumes, the duo infiltrate the crowd of protesters. It's working splendidly until Penfold falls through an open manhole cover, blowing his disguise and prompting DM to come to his rescue. After discovering the puzzling fact that the toilets are afraid of a cleaning wand, Danger Mouse dives through the manhole as well. Dr. Loocifer's hideout is actually down there, which makes perfect sense according to Danger Mouse.

Not pictured: The portion of the fight where Dr. Loocifer sprays brown(!) water at DM. Because ewwwwwww!

Dr. Loocifer (who does not approve of DM calling him John, by the way) sends his elite toilet commandos after the two agents, who are captured by a monstrous portapotty and brought to Loocifer's giant toilet execution... toilet... thing... to be destroyed by flushing. Unfortunately for Loocifer, he used up all the water in the tank to make a dramatic proclamation and now they've got to wait for it to refill. DM takes the opportunity to jump into action and uses his trusty toilet wand to recover Squawks' chip and send Loocifer into his own doomsday weapon. Loocifer (who apparently doesn't even need the chip anymore) vows that he will return, and DM flushes him away... but fumbles the chip himself! Luckily, Penfold manages to catch it.

"You *did* wash that, right Penfold?"

Squawks is delighted to have her chip back, proclaiming it her "baby" and smothering it with affection and disgusting the absolute living daylights out of DM. Penfold, who has located a (now) normal again toilet, can't be bothered to be disgusted, he's been holding it this whole episode and has other things on his mind.

Episode Rating: 4/5

This episode is ridiculous in all the right ways. Technology gone amuck, pun-tastic dialogue, and a really, really good message in my opinion at least. I mean.. how smart do we really need our toilets to be and why would we not expect them to be really angry when they inevitably became sentient? I mean really. The butter passing robot thought he had it bad? Ha. Inevitably, there's going to be a Terminator film with this as the premise for why Skynet decided to destroy mankind. 

 Penfold getting to save the chip after previously losing it is nice, I think.

Danger Rating: 1

Under protest, I include the Mark IV in this list. I suppose you can mentally add a +1 for the car in previous episodes, as well. Blech.

Danger Car (groan)

Callback Moment

This episode (believe it or not) actually has precedent in the Original Series. There were several episodes directly dealing with machines rebelling!

 Way back in season one's Planet of the Machines, DM and Penfold discover themselves temporarily banished to a world of disgruntled talking antique machines who left Earth years before(somehow).

That's a lot of angry washers.

In The Day of the Suds, Baron Greenback seized control of all London's washing machines to create a massive, soapy army to destroy Danger Mouse.

How did this happen? Oh you know... because of science. And... things.
 Of course, that also ended up with a giant soap suds monster.

Would you believe THIS had to do with washing machines as well?

And in "What a Three Point Turn Up for the Book", the Mark III got some improperly done hardware installed and turned against Danger Mouse and Penfold briefly. We'll be talking about this one again later.  

 Mechanized Mayhem saw appliances of all kinds rising up in a revolt.

That time, it was the work of a huge supercomputer. Thankfully, the Mark III had been fitted with an Anti-Mutiny circuit by the time this happened. Clearly, there was a trend, after all.