Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Danger Mouse 2.0 E3: Greenfinger

Let's wash the cringe out of our eyes from last episode, shall we?

Pictured: Not what you want from your planet.

Space. The paradoxically empty yet full of stuff enigma. Here is where we open today's episode as the narrator struggles a bit with his script and figuring out which planet we're supposed to be watching explode due to some mysterious circumstance. Well it probably has absolutely nothing to do with the mysterious seed we see floating towards Earth, where it promptly jams itself in the throat of an unsuspecting Squawkencluck. Intrigued by the odd-looking thing, she brings it back to the lab.

Some unknown period of time later, we see that it has sprouted as Danger Mouse and Penfold question Squawks about her upcoming time off to go to a concert. She tolerates their questions but insists that they DO. NOT. TOUCH. ANYTHING. Nothing! Quit messing with her language translator!

Notice the sandwich.

DM asks if the odd little plant turns things invisible (He really wants to believe in that cloaking technology, doesn't he?) before Squawks decides to kick them both out, warning them once again to stay out of her lab while she's away. The translator goes to the trouble of calling DM a "clueless moron" to drive the point home. As the two head back upstairs via the lift, Penfold mentions what a shame it is that the plant will surely die without someone to water it. That's all the excuse DM needs! They will SAVE that plant, and prove that he CAN BE TRUSTED! (By proving that he can't be trusted.)

These super spy raves are getting out of hand.

One thoroughly actiony sequence later, Danger Mouse has liberated the plant from its prison, and brought it upstairs to the flat. Penfold is making jam like a crazed thing (apparently they went through this previously when he filled the toilet with marmalade and he's gone off his meds for this preserve-producing problem), which DM is quite let down about.

A better view on how the flat is laid out. Looks like the living space and kitchen are all in one instead of separate rooms.

Neither of them notice that the seedling has sprouted huge scary vines and is rapidly filling up the flat. It also fashions a creepy face out of them and yells with it.

The duo regain their freedom after DM splashes hot jam on the vines, and sprint for the weapons locker. It's also full of jam. Danger Mouse and Penfold are finally forced to climb out the window, hoping that they have at least kept the plant contained. No such luck. The plant bursts free and sets to the job of encasing most of London's landmarks in thick vines.

I just called to say I'm sorry for implying you'd abuse my trust! No reason for you to feel guilty, right?

 As they try (and fail) to cut this enshrouding shrub down to size, Squawks calls from her concert to apologize for snapping at them earlier and implying she didn't trust them. DM awkwardly ends the call as she notices that something weird is going on. Noticing that the plant is shouting again, they realize that they could make sense of it with Squawkencluck's translator.

Arriving back where the mess began just ahead of the plant and a tidal wave of more of Penfold's jam, they find the device. Penfold is uncertain about this, but DM is adamant that they're not messing with it, they're just going to fix the mess he made when he previously didn't listen about not messing with Squawkencluck's plant. When Penfold asks how they'll sort out the problems they'll cause by messing with the translator, the reply is that they'll worry about those problems once they've caused them. Just then the plant bursts into the room, once again fashioning the simplistic face and shouting a bunch at them. The only words the translator can parse are "Warning" and "invasion".

Stymied for the moment, the boys flee. Danger Mouse decides that clearly this means the plant must be destroyed before it can fully engulf the Earth, and since the roots are here at HQ, this looks like a job for the auto-destruct! Bidding their home of not quite three episodes adieu, they flee as the countdown begins.

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Meanwhile, Colonel K is trying to grab a snack at a pie stand nearby, not caring that the proprietor has turned rather leafy. DM and Penfold warn him that they're blowing up HQ to destroy the giant plant, which he reacts to with dismay. Evans is a nice plant and they're going to play golf, it seems. Danger Mouse is agog at the notion that K can speak to the plant, and K reveals that the plant is actually speaking Welsh. Deciding that they need to stop the forthcoming explosion, the duo return to wait for precisely the last moment before cancelling the countdown.

Shades of Space Dandy.
Evans pops up again, and this time they are able to use the translator to understand its message of exposition. The Space Bees are coming, it seems, to destroy everything. Evans here is the last of his kind, who once dominated the galaxy and engulfed many planets (peacefully) in blooming vines. But then everything changed when the Fire Nation Space Bees attacked, drawn by the aroma of flowers and stinging the Celestial Welsh plant-creatures' worlds to death/exploding. They need to evacuate the Earth before Evan flowers.

And you thought you had problems with the global crisis, DM? NOW you have REAL problems.

The bees, true to Evans' word, are incoming. Squawks arrives back just in time to hear DM explain that this is his fault since he got into her lab, and DM (promising to make it up to her) barely escapes unscathed to the space ship that they have sitting around just in case of this kind of emergency.

DM attempts battling the swarm with an enormous rolled-up newspaper while Penfold ferries messages between him and Squawks back in the lab like a kid whose parents are arguing.

Looks like a sticky situation.
Squawks launches several rockets, filled with Penfold's excessive quantities of jam, into Mars, covering it with the sticky stuff. The bees are sufficiently enthralled with the jam to just crash into the stuff, saving the Earth. Back planetside once more, DM attempts to make good on his promise to make things up to Squawkencluck with what we can only assume was supposed to be a nice dinner in the newly-repaired flat. Unfortunately, the rug they had spread over the lift is not sufficient to keep Squawkencluck from falling down the lift. She's going to be mad when she comes to.

Aw, look. He's happy.

As for Evans the space plant? He's quite happily living on Saturn's rings and sings us through the credits. That's nice.

Episode Rating: 3.5/5

This is a fun episode, with DM failing to learn much of anything about what you'd assume the lesson to be. The main conflict isn't so much Evans or even the space bees, but Danger Mouse vs. Squawkencluck. It probably won't be getting resolved any time soon what with that ending.

Danger Rating: 1

Not much excessive "Danger" action this time around! Assuming we can guess that the space ship has a name, that only gives us one obvious one:

Danger Ship

Callback Moment

A planet covered in sticky dessert? This brings to mind the episode Custard, where the Earth is awash with the titular stuff. 

And as for the space ship, it's a bit reminiscent of the Space Hopper.


  1. Damn space bees ruin everything. If only the honey didn't magically clone people I'd have flamethrowered them all by now.

    1. Space bees are a plague on all animated worlds!