Monday, October 19, 2015

Danger Mouse 2.0 E2 Danger at C Level

Let's get right to it with season one, episode 2!

Ah. Puns.
We open in the Himalayas as Danger Mouse and Penfold try to avoid a mouse-seeking missile. You know, I don't even question that there is such a thing. We had them in the 80s, there is no reason to be surprised by them now. We also don't ever get an explanation of why the boys' ski holiday was so rudely interrupted or by whom.

Random thought: I like how they go out of their way to animate DM's ears reacting to things like this.
Penfold is briefly trapped on the missile, but is "saved" from it by DM driving through a snowbank which causes the missile to lose Penfold in the snow. DM escapes via one of his "Danger Bungees", and discovers that Penfold is remarkably unimpressed with the rescue.

It's been a rough week for our favorite sidekick.
 In fact, Penfold has had it with this whole past week of misadventures. He demands a nice, safe holiday and no more of this ever present certain peril and secret missions. Or else, he insists, he's done. DM agrees, and when the Colonel calls to request they take action against some (as yet) unnamed threat, he's referred to Danger Moth or Danger Mackerel. (Yes, he referred Colonel K to other "Danger Agents" who have the same initials.)

...Okay, I'm going to start keeping track of how many people/things OTHER than DM have "Danger" in their name. Sound fun?

Exotic locations! Like OHIO!
 Anyway, the boys pack their bags and head off on a cruise!

When the brochure said "all you can eat seafood", this isn't what I had in mind!

Within about three seconds, Danger Mouse is bored. You can only appreciate deck chairs for so long, you know. Penfold has no such problem though, as he's got Giraffe Warriors Gold and plenty of determination to beat the bonus level at last. Colonel K hails DM again, pleading for help with that still unnamed threat. The call is interrupted by "a cross between a shark, a flying fish and a crab!?"

Just look at those glorious graphics!
As Penfold battles a foe in his game, Danger Mouse confronts the mutant monstrosity. He barely manages to get rid of the thing before Penfold loses the level and looks up suspiciously.

I hope you're paying attention to that Friends List!
As the assistant gets back to it, K calls again, pleading desperately for help with the giant mutant sea monsters that have been attacking everywhere that there's water worldwide. Even the lavatory at HQ! They have no leads, except a video K's 12 year old nephew found on Spam Chops. Anyone want to guess who it is? If you guessed Silas van Greenback, you win a mutant monster in your own toilet, courtesy of the Baron's new toy, a mutant monster maker. Greenback demands all the gold in the world and directs you to subscribe to his channel. Which let's be honest, the Secret Service should have done by this point.

DM insists that he can't go back on his word to Penfold, and asks after Danger Mackerel.

We get to see him eaten by a whale. Keep on being weirdly dark, Danger Mouse 2.0.

K lays the patriotism on thick as jam and twice as sticky, until finally DM caves and agrees to accept the mission secretly.

Penfold is thrilled with the "upgrade" on their holiday that takes them to Hawaii, and Danger Mouse endeavors to keep his secret-secret mission under wraps. He spots Stiletto coming from an ice cream shop and decides to tail him back to the Baron under the ruse of going for snacks.

That's the face of someone who knows that he'll be starring in a bunch of "I got lei'd in Hawaii" jokes.

Unfortunately for him, Greenback, hiding in his secret base nearby, manages to spot him and releases a monster to take him down. After a few good tries at battling the mutant octopus prawn thing, Danger Mouse is flung to the beach, where Penfold is waiting.

You broke his trusting little heart, DM. For shame!
 Doubly unfortunately, it only takes one giant mutant sea monster fight for Penfold to catch on that he's been had. Unfortunately the monstrous "Prawnipus" manages to plant Danger Mouse in the sand before snatching up Penfold and retreating to Greenback's base. Thankfully, DM manages to free himself with his "inflatable Danger Trunks". K calls again, the attacks are getting worse. DM vows to save the world right after saving his friend and requests the Danger Sub.

The sub appears to now be a single-person lay-down model, rather than the pod-like vehicle from the 80's

Realizing that the mouse is on his way, Greenback calls back his monsters to fight the spy. DM manages to avoid most of the monsters, but his arrival via smashing straight through the side of the underwater base is further compounded by the remaining monsters continuing to attack.

 The sub is a total loss and the bad guys have taken the only escape pod to get away. As the monsters breach the structure and water floods in, DM apologizes for being a poor friend and asks Penfold how he'd like to spend their last 15 seconds.

Think of the money we can make selling that thing on eBay! Pandaminion would buy it, at least!

Penfold's wish is to beat Giraffe Warriors Gold together, which yeah... Danger Mouse's response is also "...Really?" But it's Penfold's desire to beat the game and unlock the secret surprise, so as certain doom surrounds them, they go for it. Beating the game causes the handheld unit to transform into a pretty sweet action figure of the character "SamuRhino". Penfold is delighted. DM is inspired and directs him to jump into the mutator machine together.

Yeah... Then THIS happens. I'll be honest, this is kind of cringey. I was not anticipating dealing with this after the amazing first episode. Wow. *cough*

Anyway, DM and Penfold (and the toy) are turned into this... thing. And with the power of friendship and... kung fu action I guess, they defeat the monsters, throw them into the machine and turn them back into cute little sea creatures.

Greenback and co. find themselves landed atop a familiar-looking whale, who belches up a delighted Danger Mackerel. Greenback and his minions swim for it as the narrator fails repeatedly at Giraffe Warriors.

Episode Rating: 2.75/5

I'll be honest. If THIS was the first episode of the series, and my first impression of it... I would have had some second thoughts about watching another episode. The transformation thing at the end is so disturbing that I find it overshadows almost the entire episode. Ugh. Let's NOT do that again. Also, Danger Things. Danger Things everywhere.

It didn't take long for the ruse of a "danger free vacation" to fail, but it was a good try at the old "gotta be in two places at once" plot. And it was nice to see that DM ends up learning a lesson about how sometimes you have to prioritize your friends, along with Penfold learning that there are times you have bigger obligations than just taking a vacation you promised to take.

Danger Rating: 6

Okay, how many "Danger Things" did you come up with this episode? I'm going to start keeping track with each episode because well... they're doing it. Someone might as well keep track. Here's what I counted up in this episode:

Danger Snowmobile, presumably
Danger Bungee
Danger Moth
Danger Mackerel
Inflatable Danger Trunks
Danger Sub

Callback Moment

We've seen DM pursued by "Mouse-seeking Missiles" before, but those were the work of Greenback in the 80s. Who was behind these? There was also a brief sighting of a yeti this episode, which could be a nod to the appearance of the yeti all the way back in season 2 of the OS. 


  1. This whole thing was just Greenback trying to open his own seafood franchise, wasn't it?

    I love that K is Facebook friends with him. XD

    1. Oh there are LOTS of interesting people on that friends list. I suspect K's nephew made him a profile just so he could more easily show him stuff. "It's on your newsfeed, uncle! Hang on, let me send you the link..."